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What are the characteristics of cheap non-bank loans?

Where to find cheap non-bank loans? How to use them? How do you compare offers? You’ll find answers to these and many other questions in the article below.

Currently, choosing the right non-bank loan can cause many problems, mainly due to the very large number of offers. Cheap non-bank loans can be found in most offers of non-bank institutions, especially when they are covered by the promotion of zero costs. The purpose of this article is to familiarize potential borrowers with so-called cheap, non-bank loans with a low real annual interest rate.

Cheap non-bank loans – is it possible?

Non-bank products, including short-term loans, have been very popular for a long time, resulting from many sources. It can be argued that the direct causes of the growing number of borrowers in Poland are, among others: 1) professionalization of the industry, 2) marketing activities, 3) attractive offers and promotions addressed to customers using the loan for the first time. Due to the high demand in this sector, the number of loan companies is also growing, fighting for a potential borrower in a competitive manner. One of the methods to get a customer is to offer attractive offers at which the cost of the loan is relatively low, and special promotions.

It is for this reason that non-bank institutions basing their activity on short-term loans decide to organize promotions, not only for new customers. Also noteworthy are offers with low loan costs and commissions. Cheap non-bank loans are therefore the most possible, so it’s worth making every effort to find the best offer for you.

How are cheap payday loans granted?

The vast majority of loan companies only provide their products online. Cheap payday loans via the Internet are very popular, which is also due to the comfort of this form of financial obligations. To obtain the payday loan, it is necessary to complete the form on the lender’s website. After providing the required data and making the so-called verification transfer, usually in the form of one penny or one zloty, we receive money to the bank account whose number we provided in the form.

This form of granting short-term loans is also an optimization of the operating costs of non-bank institutions. In the online form, this process is optimized as much as possible, which, however, does not mean that the decision to accept or reject the application is not influenced by a person. Nevertheless, we can be sure that when using payday loans via the Internet, we will receive money very quickly.

What is the specifics of bad credit loans?

It is also worth getting acquainted with the specifics of bad credit loans attention should be paid to their individual components, which make up the total cost of the loan. We are talking primarily about the maximum amount of short-term loans and the time for which we incur a commitment. These two factors determine all costs borne by borrowers – this is about service costs and commissions. So what is the specificity of bad credit loans with no credit check?


Cheap online loans can be taken for almost any amount. The standard maximum amount in many offers of non-bank institutions is PLN 3,000. Nevertheless, we can easily find those companies that have decided to increase the maximum amount, up to PLN 6,000. It can therefore be assumed that loans in the range of PLN 100-6000 are the most common range. Offers rarely have larger amounts.


Short-term loans are granted for a period not exceeding 60 days. Nevertheless, there are some restrictions in this area that make it impossible for every person to benefit from the full period. Borrowers using a loan for the first time can only benefit from a thirty-day repayment period – this is one example of such restrictions.

Formal requirements

To obtain a loan, it is necessary to meet all formal requirements. The basic requirements are 21 years of age, Polish citizenship and having your own bank account. It is also necessary to fill in the form, in which, among others, data from the identity card should be provided.

Cheap loans and APRC

The element that informs us about the total cost of the loan is APRC, which is the actual annual interest rate. This indicator is expressed as a percentage. An APRC of 0% informs us that the loan is completely free at no cost. This is only possible if you use the first loan promotion.

Cheap loans without verification – what to look for?

It is also worth noting that non-bank institutions offering cheap loans also come with their products to people with an unfavorable credit history or presence in debtors’ registers. Cheap loans without verification are becoming increasingly popular, primarily due to the attractiveness of such offers.

How to choose an offer?

Due to the large number of loan companies, choosing a short-term loan offer is not easy. The element that we should first pay attention to is the already mentioned APRC. Thanks to this, using the available rankings, we can quickly and easily compare the cost of loans in various non-bank companies. Cheap non-bank loans can be found in the offer of the most popular institutions – it is worth using rankings to compare given offers.

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