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2 months bad credit loan – what to look for?

See what loans are for 60 days. What to look for when choosing an offer? Which companies grant payday loans for such a period? Check!

The vast majority of short-term loans are granted for a period not exceeding two months. The short repayment period is characteristic for this type of financial product. Loan companies have also introduced restrictions, which means that not every customer will be able to take a loan for 60 days straight away. In this article, we suggest what to look for when deciding on this type of funding, what the abovementioned restrictions are, and we show which companies on the market grant loans for 60 days.

Loan term

The loan term is one of the key elements having a direct impact on the total cost of the liability. The choice of a shorter or longer period has an impact on the APRC, i.e. the actual annual percentage rate informing us in percentage of the costs associated with the loan. This is the first element to which we should pay special attention when choosing an offer.


The second element is a reasonable assessment of your financial capabilities, which should accompany any commitment. We may need a financial product that is much longer to pay back. Then we should decide on installment loans.

60-day loan – what are the restrictions?

It is also worth saying about the restrictions applied by loan companies resulting from the implementation of risk policy. Protecting themselves from the insolvency of borrowers, financial institutions have introduced a number of different restrictions, especially for new customers. Borrowers who take out payday loans for the first time in a given company often cannot count on a period longer than 30 days.


In addition, restrictions specific to short-term loans apply. We are talking about verifying clients in popular debtors’ registers, reaching the age of 21 or setting the maximum loan amount. It is worth emphasizing that a significant number of institutions do not grant loans at a longer time in general, which is not the result of introducing restrictions, but simply results from the offer.

For more information on individual offers, click on the company name.

How are loans granted for 60 days?

The form of granting a 60-day loan is essentially the same as the other options available on the short-term loan market. The process of applying for payday loans is completely online. Potential borrowers can complete the application on the loan company’s platform. Thanks to automated verification of applications, money can appear on the customer’s account even 15 minutes after acceptance.

Who can benefit?

The formal requirements specifying who can benefit from the loan are also very similar to the other forms of short-term loans. It is worth emphasizing that loans for 60 days also have variants oriented towards specific target groups. Therefore, we can find free loans for 60 days on the market, as well as those intended for example for the unemployed. More information can be found here and here.

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